Friday, February 11, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 41

God's timing and orchestration of events are so awe-inspiring as we look Joseph's life and often our own.  The 'fullness of time' arrived and Joseph was transformed from prisoner to ruler in a less than a day!  Perhaps an earlier release would have had Joseph back in Canaan before Pharaoh ever had his dreams; perhaps the Israelites would have been fully 'contaminated' by the idol-worshipping Canaanites without a famine...perhaps, perhaps.  But God.  The plan of God was unfolding just as He planned all along.  The forcefulness of Pharaoh's dreams, the inability of the magicians to interpret, the cup bearer's restored memory--it was all orchestrated by the God who holds the master plan. 

Joseph trusted him and acted faithfully in every situation.  The numbers add up in such a way that it appears Joseph spent about a decade in Potiphar's house as manager.  Then he spent three in prison and arrived at Pharaoh's hand at about age 30.  Joseph always seems to go above and beyond any job assignment, offering all that he Pharaoh he gave the interpretation and a solution.  Joseph was a go-getter with tremendous confidence in God.  That is a world-transforming combination.  God is unchanging.  He still has a Master Plan; He is still in control and He is faithful to keep His promises.  Let's be inspired by Joseph to be ever more faithful and enthusiastic about the tasks that we are called to do.

Extra note:  J. Vernon McGee offers an intriguing parallel of Joseph's life and Jesus'.  There are many aspects he points out and it is well worth digging into with the McGee Thru the Bible commentaries.

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