Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 39

First, thank you for the 'well wishes.'  I'm rarely ill enough to do nothing for a whole day but yesterday was such a rare day.  I do apologize...let's keep on journeying with the saints!

Today's chapter finally gave us a good example to follow!  Unfair treatment is the norm in this world and Joseph shows us just how to handle it.  We all tend to excuse ungodly behavior when faced with unreasonable people or inequities.  Yet faith reminds us that God only allows what can be brought to a good result when it is submitted to Him.  Joseph's life reveals this truth in amazing ways!

Remember those dreams of Joseph that were so annoying to his brothers...the ones that played a part in his being sold to the Ishmaelites and then into Egypt?  Perhaps part of the reason was that those visions would sustain Joseph in the unfair circumstances that would dot his near future:  sold as a slave, falsely accused by his master's wife, (and tomorrow) forgotten by those he helped.  God's Word is to be that sort of sustenance for us; the truths we receive as we look into scripture will hold us fast in the inequities of life. 

Discouragement, despair and self-pity are natural, human reactions to the lousy things of life:  illness, job loss, accusations, lies, betrayal.  Praise God we are no longer slaves to human responses!  Joseph's reactions are the ones we want to emulate.  His trust in God's plans helped him unwaveringly do the task set before him.  Bought as a slave, he rose to the highest position of servant in Potiphar's home.  Lied about and unfairly imprisoned, he served as a prisoner and rose the a position of trust in that situation.  Throughout the chapter we are reminded God was with Him and God blessed all He did.  Might we be likewise encouraged to trust in the the truths God reveals in His Word.  Only then can we live faithfully knowing God is with us and believing that He will bless our efforts beyond our abilities and our imaginations!

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