Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 32

We all love to hear the testimonies of lives instantly changed by the power of God.  But the reality for most of us is more like Jacob's story--it's a long, slow process!  What an encouragement to see God continue to work with Jacob and transform him into the man God has purposed for him to become. 

Old habits die hard; conniving and bribing is a comfort zone for Jacob but we also see him seeking God.  Warren Wiersbe has a powerful statement with regard to this:  "This is the conduct of a believer who needed to be broken before God...his greatest need was to be delivered from himself."  Faith is a muscle that needs to be strengthened and God is faithful to bring us to circumstances that will develop our faith.  Facing his fear of meeting the brother he had cheated was just such a faith-building situation.

Up until this time Jacob has run from problems, told lies, and made bargains to get what he wanted.  In this chapter we see him come face-to-face with the Lord in the midst of his fear.  His struggle with the Lord left him with a permanent limp and a permanent confidence!  It is a worthy exchange; we all need to learn to face our fears with confidence in our LORD.  He IS able. 

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