Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 6

God's response to Moses' lament is important for us to hear and heed.  He reminds Moses (and us) of who He is and what He will do! God says 'I hear your heartaches, I see your oppression and I remember my promises.'  That is glorious, good news--and the message is timeless!  God does does not change, He was and is powerful, observant and willing to act. 

Despite those truths, we, like the Israelites are often deafened by our discouragement and bondage.  The tough stuff of life tends to fill our ears and capture our eyes so that we fail to enjoy the glory of God which is with us moment by moment.  Praise God, our blindness and deafness does not prevent His work.  Even Moses was assaulted by the temptation to despair; Moses' eyes were fixed on his own inadequacies.  God does not even acknowledge that lament and simply spoke to Moses and Aaron about the others involved in this drama:  the Israelites and the Egyptians and God gave Moses and Aaron their marching orders.  If only we can remember that this life is not about us--God's commands do not depend on our abilities nor are they impeded by our lack.  Furthermore, others lives are entwined with ours; their plights matter to God and it is our glorious privilege to be used by Him for His purposes.   He is more than able, we must simply trust Him and obediently serve. 

The chapter closes with a genealogy, and I am so excited to share some tidbits I found in Arthur Pink's, Gleanings in Exodus.  This is a partial genealogy which focuses only on the ancestors of Moses and Aaron.  Just as birth orders were replaced with divine order in Genesis, we see Moses, the younger, being 'raised above' his elder brother.  Mr. Pink points out that the third son is significant for "3" is always the number associated with the resurrection. The first three sons of Jacob are all that are included in this list--and only the descendants of Levi, the third son, have a detailed accounting.   Don't you just love those little insights that reveal glimpses of the beauty even in 'dry genealogies'?  I suspect all of eternity will be filled with discovering new delights about our inimitable God!

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