Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 18

I was reminded as I read this of the importance of margin in life and the blessings of hospitality.  If we are too busy, we may not have the time to embrace those God brings into our lives.  Even more tragically, we may not have time for God himself.  Abraham was available in part because it was the culture of that region to rest mid-day; we have to go against the tide of our culture to carve out quiet times but what joy awaits when we do. 

Meeting with God is the key to learning His plans and His timing.  Abraham rose up to meet the strangers and rushed about to meet their needs and make them comfortable.  In our day, even family usually calls to make sure a visit is 'convenient.'  We've lost the joy of spontaneous visitors.  Not only did Abraham welcome the visitors, he chose to walk with them as they prepared to leave.  We struggle to find time for those God has brought into our lives and we rarely make time to walk with them as they journey.  We live lives that are very focused on our plans and priorities.  Abraham shows the blessing of embracing the guests God brings--of embracing God and His blessed plans. 

Meeting with God is also the key to interceding for others.  Although Lot is walking his own way (much like us today), Abram's fellowship with God effects another rescue for Lot and His family.  I wonder if I've failed to intercede because I've been too busy or too wrapped up in myself to walk along with God and hear His plans.  The contrast of living like Abraham or living like Lot seems sharp in this chapter; I want to live quietly that I might fellowship with God and know His purposes! 

Won't you take a moment and visit the blog to share what God is showing you as you walk through the chapter each day?  God's design is for us to learn together--from each other.  We all have unique perspectives and lenses from our life experiences that will give us a fuller picture of God.  Share your view--in a sentence or a longer post--whatever God is saying to you!

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  1. BJ, My Friend,
    Thank You so much for taking the time to help me understand the book of Genesis better. I don't read the Old Testament so you are a "SPECIAL" messenger from GOD! He inspires you and YOU inspire ME! I look forward to mornings and receiving Lives Under Construction and I Love "Growing and Learning Together on Saturdays! HUGS and GOD BLESS YOU FOR SHARING HIS WORD WITH ME IN SUCH A WONDERFUL WAY!