Friday, January 14, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 14

Abram's example of God-centered living in today's chapter is wonderful!  While God had called Abram out of Babylon and out of the influence of his idol-worshipping family, he had not called Abram to isolation.  Sodom, where Lot had already taken up residence, was controlled by Babylonian kings. Following a rebellion, those Kings came to regain control of Sodom; Lot and his family were captured in the process.  There is no protection in our own plotting and planning but it would seem that Lot never realized that!  None of this passage gives us insight into Lot, but we'll be visiting him again soon.  We have much to see in Abram's life, though!

When Abram heard of his family members' plight, he used the resources God had entrusted to him to deliver Lot.  We are always and only blessed to be a blessing!  After his victory, Abram is met by the mysterious Mechizedek in what was probably a protective blessing of God!  Melchizedek--whether he is included in scripture as a 'type' of Christ or whether he may have been Shem as Hebrew tradition indicates (according to Halley)--was a priest of the most high God.  The encounter provided a tangible reminder to Abram that it is God who gives the victories.  Abram responded appropriately:  He worshipped God.  This would certainly have helped him be well-prepared for the temptation about to appear.  The King of Sodom offered Abram a reward for his services.  Abram protected the glory of God and said in my casual paraphrase, 'No thanks!  I'm here to serve the King--the rest of these men can have a reward but my provision comes from God.'  Might we live obediently and confidently rising to challenges and giving God ALL the glory!

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