Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 11

Ah, the tower of Babel.  We all know the story...and I suspect we all have lived it to an extent.  After the flood God instructed Noah and his family to be fruitful and multiply in all the earth.  Ham's descendant, Nimrod, is believed to be the builder of Babylon and Babel.  Evidently, Nimrod felt his own plan was wiser than God's--rather than spread throughout the earth, he wanted to draw everyone together and build for themselves a name.  The focus was all on man:  let us build us a city and a tower..let us make us a name!  When we are our own idol, the result is chaos and disunity.  Our God is a Sovereign God of order--He sees the end from the beginning and He brings His orderly purposes about--despite us, yet with us!

Unity is definitely a desire of God--but unity is never brought about by the lifting up of men.  Only Jesus lifted up will result in unity.  The Tower of Babel is a testament to God's amazing creation, man; it is not a testament to God.  Man is an incredibly powerful, creative creature--because God made us that way.  But the glory must always be given to God and not to man.  Just as there was a protective restraint by God in the Garden of Eden, the confusion of languages at Babel protected man (from himself!).   God's purposes were stated: be fruitful and multiply throughout the earth.  Nimrod's plans were at counter-purposes with God's:  but God's purposes are never thwarted by man's great intentions.  I take great comfort in that truth because sometimes I act as if my plans are wiser than God's--but, hallelujah, His will will be done! 

The chapter closes out a whirlwind tour of two thousand years of history.  God's Word will slow the pace as we begin to travel through history with an eye on God's chosen line:  Abraham.  I love to watch God's purposes unfold and to learn to trust His plans more fully as I watch Him work...I hope you do too!

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