Thursday, July 1, 2010

Builders with Integrity

Integrity is the key to building lives.  The foundation upon which the builder's life is established is critical.  While we can not transfer our foundation to the life of another, we can live in such a way that our foundation is revealed as trustworthy, valuable and worth imitation.  The beauty of a life built upon God is revealed only when life is lived fully on the foundation. 

Every aspect of life-building which we endeavor to establish in the lives of our children must exist in our own lives.  As we pray for our children and seek to direct them, we must bare our hearts before God and ask that He reveal any ways in which we may not be living with integrity.  Perpetual prayer patterns are a large part of my devotional time; they keep me centered on God's design.  In the coming weeks we will delve into various prayer patterns we can utilize as we seek to build the lives of our children. 

Our children are our heritage; individually we are all God's heritage.  Living lives of lasting love builds an eternal legacy...and eternal heritage.  As you implement these day-by-day prayer focuses, ask the Lord to reveal your own heart and the specific ways in which these principles can be applied to show your child the value God--and you--place upon them as individuals.  Ask Him, too, to reveal if these are the foundations of your life.

Monday - Love for God's Word; an understanding that the Bible is a guide book not a devotional.

Tuesday - Passion for a pure heart centered on God

Wednesday - Health and safety in body, soul and spirit

Thursday - Value system founded on God's purposes

Friday - Thankful living

Saturday - Godly friends

Sunday - Growing faith

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